14 Zero Waste Halloween Tips

Halloween is one of the hardest holidays to celebrate for those living a zero-waste lifestyle… This is mostly because everything is double wrapped in plastic and alternatives are scarce. It is definitely hard, but not impossible… There are so many ways you can have a zero-waste Halloween and it is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the movement and why it is so important.

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  • Make your own costumes out of old clothes or second-hand clothes, you could even sell your homemade costumes on eBay after your done with them.
  • DIY Face Paint
  • DIY Fake Blood

Trick or treating

  • Trick or treat close to home so you can walk to save fuel
  • Go trick or treating while avoiding using plastic, use a material bag such as a tote bag to hold the lollies you get instead. You could even get your kids to decorate the bag themselves or you could even use a pillowcase – you can even reuse old plastic bags or plastic products from your family or friends to save them from being thrown away unnecessarily.


  • Try to choose eco-friendly packaging when buying lollies such as cardboard.
  • Choose tangible items instead to cut down on the use of plastic
  • Give out homemade treats or baked goods instead of plastic wrapped lollies and chocolate
  • If you have to give out plastic wrapped lollies or chocolate, make sure it is something that the kids could easily upcycle. You could even promote awareness of recycling and cutting down on waste by writing easy instructions on the wrappers to help them out while giving their parents a little nudge in the right direction.


  • Make your own decorations
  • Turn your Jack O Lanterns into pumpkin soup after the holiday is over
  • Use the rind of the pumpkin as compost
  • Use the seeds of the pumpkins as bird feed or add them to mixed nuts or even eat them on their own… they are soo good for you!
  • If you’re throwing a party, make your own drinks e.g. lemonade, chocolate milk etc. then put them in decorated glass jars

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