The Pros and Cons of Homemade Laundry Powder

I have seen a lot of people talking online about laundry powder and whether or not it is really worth it to make your own laundry powder instead of buying commercially. Some homemade everyday products can be a hit and a miss but I love the idea of limiting your spending by making everyday products at home. So in this post, I will be comparing the pros and cons of making your own laundry powder.


There are so many amazing benefits to switching from commercial laundry powder to homemade laundry powder. Personally, I always opt to use homemade laundry powder mainly because of how much cheaper it is in comparison. I also have a lot of fun making up all my zero waste products, I love that I am able to change the ingredients and scents until I find something I love. Some of the benefits of making your own laundry powder are:


Making your own laundry detergent at home is so much cheaper than buying it commercially. A 1 kg box of washing powder would set you back roughly $10-15 – depending on the brand – and the ingredients required to make your own washing powder falls so far under that amount!

No Unwanted Extras

Homemade laundry powder is family friendly as well as eco-friendly, there are no harsh chemicals in your laundry powder that could cause rashes, itchy skin or other reactions – making it safe for your children and pets as well! You have control over what goes into your laundry powder and can also change up the smell until you find a scent you love!


Homemade laundry powder is so simple and easy to make, see: How to make your own laundry powder. It requires minimal ingredients and is able to be changed until you find a recipe which works best for you and your family. Preparation time is very minimal as well making it a perfect activity to do with your little ones.

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There are also a few cons to making your own laundry powder from home


Making your own laundry powder is far less convenient than walking into a store and buying pre-made commercial products. DIY laundry powder requires preparation which can be time-consuming for busy people. Depending on the ingredients you choose it can be quite a messy job to prepare a few months worth of laundry powder.


There will be a noticeable difference in the feel of your clothes after using homemade laundry powder. This is because of the chemicals used in commercial products in which make your clothes soft to touch but also causes many types of skin reactions.

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