Queensland Plastic Bag Ban

Convenience and negligence have been destroying our planet since the 1960s! And it has taken us way too long to do something about it. The state of Queensland has finally banned plastic bags from being supplied to consumers, and it’s about time! The popular shopping bags will no longer be available in retail stores from July 1st 2018!

Which Bags are Banned?

The new ban includes high-density polyethylene lightweight plastic shopping bags as well as biodegradable and degradable lightweight plastic shopping bags. Produce bags, nappy bags, “doggy bags”, bin liners and heavyweight plastic bags – like those supplied to consumers in retail stores – are not included in the ban.

The only state that has not agreed to implement the ban is; New South Wales, they are even arguing the need for a tax on plastic bags. Premier Gladys Berejiklian said last year that there was no need for legislative intervention as the supermarkets have proven that they are able to manage the issue independently.

Plastic bags are used by multiple retailers and industries, not just supermarkets so this makes no sense at all. Multiple people, as well as environmental groups, are working to push NSW to accept the implementation of the ban.

Over 1 trillion plastic bags are produced every year and in Australia alone we use roughly 4 billion plastic bags per year. Each plastic bag takes roughly 1000 years to degrade, these bags are found in our oceans at an alarming number and are responsible for killing over 100,000 marine animals each year. This means that every single plastic bag ever made is still in existence somewhere in the world and will still be around long after we are gone.

It is unbelievably easy to replace single-use bags with long-lasting, durable environmentally friendly alternatives! If you already have a mountain of plastic bags stored away somewhere you should also look into reusing the bags or using them for craft and DIY projects.

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