Nimbin Haul

Very recently I had made my way down to Nimbin with my Aunty on a little adventure and I got some pretty neat things whilst I was down there so I thought I would share what I got with you guys…




I found this book at one of the stalls down in Nimbin for $8, I absolutely love reading fantasy novels and have heard great things about Michael Scott so I just had to get it. I noticed while my Aunty and I were leaving Nimbin that the book was written for a girl called Courtney as well.









I have always had problems with my back mainly due to posture and I saw a lady in the middle of the Nimbin Markets doing Zen Thai Shiatsu and I had never heard of it before so I thought I would give it a go. It was honestly the most amazing experience, I walked away feeling 100% better and in no pain what so ever. I definitely recommend giving  it a go, she is there every 4th and 5th Sunday for the Nimbin Markets.









The Nimbin markets were unlike anything I had experienced before, the atmosphere was truly incredible and there were a lot of really unique things on offer.  I got this top from a market stall for $6.








Then we wandered past a store called Perception which was a bookstore filled with crystals, tarot cards and books. I picked out these beautiful pieces of Obsidian (Left, $6) and Rose Quartz (Right, $5).






Then we went into the Hemp Embassy, I wanted to get some clothes or something but I couldn’t find anything that would fit me so I decided to get some cute little stickers to remind me of my trip down to Nimbin.



Overall, my experience in Nimbin was unforgettable. I loved every second of it! I definitely recommend visiting and can’t wait to go back!


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