Travel Journal: Snowy Mountains

For months my family had a vacation to Lake Crackenback booked on a Vacation Package.

After months of waiting we finally made it, I have only ever left Queensland once or twice before when I was very young and only remember bits and pieces so this trip had me super excited. – Plus I had never seen snow before 🙂

I was posting daily photos on my Instagram and Facebook pages of my trip with little updates but just in case you guys haven’t seen them I thought it would be a good idea to compile my trip into a post.

Day One

Good-bye Gold Coast!! We left to head to the snowy mountains on Friday the 15th of September 2017, we were supposed to leave at about 5am to get an early start but ended up leaving at 2pm because work got in the way, as usual. My family, which consists of my father, step-mum, 2 step siblings, younger brother and myself were booked to stay the week at Lake Crackenback Resort and Spa. It was a 14 hour drive from the Gold Coast to the resort but was definitely worth it! We didn’t do much at all day one, it was really just the first stint driving.. we eventually stopped at around 1am Saturday morning to get some rest at a cute little motel in Belmont overlooking Lake Macquarie.

Day Two

After getting some rest we had breakfast at the park just across the road from the motel overlooking lake macquarie. At this point, we had just 6.5 hours to go until we arrived at the resort. After a painful car trip we finally arrived at Lack Crackenback Resort and Spa, and it was absolutely amazing. Our unit was beautiful… and the bloody bathroom floor was heated somehow – which made the toilet seat unbelievably cold haha!! It was a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 2 story unit and had an all inclusive kitchen, and a fireplace in the living room with complimentary firewood just outside the door.  The resort was huge and had countless activities and places to explore! We quickly had dinner with the massive amount of food my parents packed into 2 eskies and went to bed because we were all so tired from the long drive.

Day Three

Day 3 was mainly about settling in to the resort and relaxing before we did 3 consecutive days of skiing and snowboarding. We went and had a look at the resort, went on a short walking trail, went to the heated pool and sauna and then all watched TV until we fell asleep.

Day Four

We went up to Thredbo and I really wanted to snowboard but I decided to ski because that was what everyone else was doing. Seeing the snow for the first time was absolutely amazing, something that I will never forget. We got there way before we were due to start ski lessons so I hadn’t gotten a chance to learn how to ski yet.. so I went up the ski lift to the top of the beginner slope and just gave it a go. But I never thought to ask how to stop so I went flying down the hill screaming because I didn’t know how to slow down -.- But after a while I got the hang of it and I was able to kiiindaa control my speed down the hill but after the lessons I felt much more confident. We ski’d after our lessons until probably 4.30ish then started to head home and when you rent skiing or snowboarding gear and you are visiting the mountain for consecutive days at a time you take it home with you. So we lugged ski boots, skis, the poles and our bag back to the car and went back to the resort.

Day Five and Six

Day 5 and 6, I decided to try snowboarding because it looked like way more fun and I know how to skate so I thought it would be sort of similar. It’s not – unless your goofy footed I guess. I went and switched my skiis for a snowboard and then went and did a beginners snowboarding lesson to learn the basics. After that I kind of kept going up and down the beginner slopes until I felt confident enough to go on a green run and I was doing really well, and then I built up even more confidence and then hit up some of the beginner freestyle terrains they had. I even had a few drinks at the bar they had up on the higher slopes and then went back down – but your not supposed to drink and then go back down the mountain on your board so shhh. Overall, an awesome two days!

Day Seven

Day 7 was all about enjoying our last day at Lake Crackenback Resort and Spa, first we did archery and then we went on a segway tour around the resort which was awesome. But clumzy Courtney stacked it on a segway – which was not so awesome…

This little 7 day vacation was probably one of the best experiences of my life and I cant wait to go back to the snowy mountains!


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