Machine Gun Kelly – The 27 Tour

I have been a fan of Machine Gun Kelly since I was 15, I am not sure how I initially found his music back then but I am definitely glad I did. I remember his last tour in Australia and I wasn’t able to go because I was too young.. I had absolutely no clue that he was touring Australia again after 5 years until I was on Instagram one day and saw this post:

I had to go, but none of my friends were into his music so I contemplated going up to Fortitude Valley from the Gold Coast by myself but figured that probably wasn’t a good idea.. I managed to drag along my best friend and booked two tickets a week before the gig.

To say I was excited is an understatement, every day that went past I would message my friend and let him know how many days to go until we were seeing MGK – you know, just in case he forgot.. I took Thursday off work as well as Friday for recovery and we caught the train up to Brisbane. We overestimated how long it would take to get there and arrived at The Tivoli at 6pm, there were only a few people there lining up at that point but by the time it was 7.30pm you couldn’t see the end of the line because it went around the corner of the block.

As soon as we got inside the atmosphere was amazing, they were selling merch just inside the door but just the tickets, travel and alcohol cleared out my bank account so I couldn’t get anything but I really loved the jumpers they had there. Mgk didn’t come on stage until 9.30pm but everyone was dancing to the music they had on anyway.

When MGK did come out and start his performance it was absolutely amazing, everyone went mental and he played a really good mix of his new music and his old music. My favourite part of the whole night was when he performed Wild Boy, brought back some memories from when I was younger and everyone seemed to go mental when the smoke machines started. I tried to get videos of the night but because I was right next to a speaker they are really bad quality so I will attach some youtube videos of the tour.

I can’t wait until he tours Australia again!

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