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Everyone loves a good coffee in the morning… but even though they look harmless, disposable coffee cups are extremely harmful to the environment. Read this post to find out more.

4 Plastic Bag Alternatives

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Now that Queensland has finally decided to ban plastic bags we all have to start looking at alternatives. This post has some great ideas on some of the environmentally friendly alternatives you can us instead!

Queensland Plastic Bag Ban

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Queensland has finally banned plastic bags! It sure took long enough but the ban is implemented at the end of July 2018. Read all about the ban in this post!

10 Ways to Re-Use Plastic Bags

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Plastic bags are one of the planets biggest problems. They take years to degrade and are extremely harmful to our environment but there are ways that we can put them to good use. This post tells you how!

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Plastic Bag Ban

Queensland is finally implementing a plastic bag ban! Plastic bags are one of the most common sources of litter on land and in our oceans. Read all about it in this post..

Anzac Day – DIY Paper Poppy

Remember and appreciate all the fallen Australian and New Zealand soldiers who lost their lives to give us ours with this fun Anzac Day DIY craft