Stop Screening Candidates: What Recruiters Can Learn From Designers

In technology, user experience design is very close to our hearts. We are constantly trying to make it easier for our prospective customers to gain value from our products and services. We try to make the experience as welcoming as possible and take them on a journey… Screening candidates isn’t helping you.

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Planning a Trip to the Snow

Since going snowboarding last year with my family, I have desperately wanted to go back! I plan to go again sometime and have put together a little planning guide for those who plan to do the same. Check it out!

Have you been to see the snow this winter season?

14 Zero Waste Halloween Tips

Living a Zero Waste Lifestyle can make the holidays extremely hard… until now! Check out this awesome post full of Zero Waste tips for you to try out this Halloween!!

Some of the cutest Halloween cookies you’ve ever seen

Machine Gun Kelly – The 27 Tour

I have been a fan of Machine Gun Kelly since I was 15, I am not sure how I initially found his music back then but I am definitely glad I did. I remember his last tour in Australia and I wasn’t able to go because I was too young.. I had absolutely no clue that he was touring Australia again after 5 years until I was on Instagram one day and saw him posting about it…

Queensland Plastic Bag Ban

Convenience and negligence have been destroying our planet since the 1960s! And it has taken us way too long to do something about it. The state of Queensland has finally banned plastic bags from being supplied to consumers, and it’s about time! The popular shopping bags will no longer be available in retail stores from July 1st 2018!

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