How to Stop Touching Your Face


Pimples can be a pain and I am definitely guilty of touching my face more than I should. I seem to do it when I am anxious, bored and even just when my hands are idle. I have always had bad acne and I am almost 20 now so it should be going away, but it’s not and I know it is because of this bad habit. So I did some research and tried a few things out myself and have come up with some of the most effective ways to stop touching and picking your face.

Keep Your Hands Busy

It is most common for someone to start to touch and pick their face when their hands are idle. I noticed this because, after typing, my hands would hover over the keyboard for a second and then almost automatically I would reach for my face. Since noticing this I have come to the realisation that I do it every single time my hands are not occupied. You can keep your hands busy by buying fidget jewellery or toys or even just by simply playing with your fingers, tapping the desk or gripping your wrist when you know your hands are idle.

Stay Away From The Mirror

It is also common to wander past a mirror and stop to look at the pimples on your face and then next thing you know your picking at them out of frustration. I half solved this problem by removing the mirrors I have in my room and putting note paper over a mirror that I have that is attached to the inside of my closet door. In your bathroom you can put up a little note that reminds you to stop picking your face so that when you walk into the bathroom and see the note you are instantly aware of the habit and will try to avoid it, it will also be within view if you do go to do it anyway so when you glance at it you feel the need to stop.

Reach Out

Ask your close friends to remind you not to touch your face when they catch you doing it. Or if you are living at home, ask your parents and siblings to tell you to stop when they see you touching your face, I did this and was really surprised about how often it happened.

Make It Impossible

The most effective thing I tried was making touching my face impossible by covering my hands or fingers. I live in Queensland, Australia so there is absolutely no need to wear gloves – so that wasn’t an option for me. But what did work was putting tape on my thumb, index finger and middle finger, this worked for me because you couldn’t really see it unless you looked hard enough and I sometimes have fake nails on, so if anyone at work or in public asks about it I would say that my nails are coming off and I am taping them until I can get them redone.


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