Halo Eye Makeup by StellaBeauty

Halo eye makeup is a very popular trend right now and although it looks difficult it is actually super easy to achieve this captivating look.

Watch this tutorial by StellaBeauty on how to achieve the perfect Halo Eye Makeup. Stella is using the Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette 🙂 This stunning look is surprisingly easy to do and can also be achieved with alternative palettes and shades, so experiment and see what works for you! 🙂 Be sure to check out Stella’s Youtube Channel and Instagram for more awesome tutorials just like this one.

I have always loved eye makeup as a little girl and wanted to become a makeup artist because I was absolutely fixated with makeup – oh how times have changed.. :’) When I got my first eyeshadow palette I was always begging to practice on my older sister, I can’t remember if I was any good or not but regardless, she’s a champ for putting up with it.

These days, makeup is only for super special occasions where I would really prefer not to look like I have the chicken pox in photos. Although, when I do wear makeup I try really hard (and fail miserably) to go all out and get it perfect. I am following a few makeup artists on Instagram but my favourite by far is @stellabeautymakeup.. She posts such beautiful photos and videos on her account and her tutorials are super easy to follow which is great for girlies like me who really have no clue.

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