Italian Potato and Pasta Soup

Preparation: 10 minutes / Cooking Time: 50 minutes / Serves: 4

A simple yet satisfying dish, definitely a must-try!

All-In Vegetarian Chili

Preparation Time: 20 mins / Cooking Time: 35 mins / Servings: 4

A great vegetarian dish! A must-try!

Chicken and Beetroot Wraps

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes / Serves: 4

I love my wraps and this is one of my favourites!

Ham and Pea Tart

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes / Cooking Time: 50 Minutes / Serves: 4

This ham and pea tart is relatively easy to make and soo delicious..

Caramelised Tomato Bruschetta 

Preparation Time: 20 minutes / Cooking Time: 10 minutes / Serves: 4

Bruchetta is one of my absolute favourite Italian dishes – possibly because I would eat so much of it when I worked in an Italian Restaurant. Get the recipe here!

BLT with Balsamic Glaze

Preparation Time: 15 minutes / Cooking Time: 15 minutes / Serves: 4

Perfect for work, school lunches and is an absolute treat.