Favourite Makeup Artists on Youtube

Ashley Tisdale’s Everyday Skincare Routine

Makeup Artists Secrets by Kandee Johnson

Get Perfect Brows by Kandee Johnson


Nude Lip Smokey Eye Tutorial by Kandee Johnson

Contour Like A Contouring Artist by Kandee Johnson

Classic Smokey Eye Tutorial By Lisa Eldridge

Watch this amazing smokey eye tutorial by Lisa Eldridge!

5 Must-Have Makeup Brushes by MAC

Absolute must-haves by MAC!

Top 4 Organic Hair Masks

Check out these awesome and completely organic hair masks!

Budget Beauty Buys: Skin Care

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Natural and Organic Hair Care

Hair care

Check out my latest finds on the best Natural and Organic Hair Care products!

Homemade Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are not a new concept and I remember them from my childhood, there are plenty of bath bombs on the market but they are cheap and easy to make at home as well!

Anti-Blemish Beauty Finds


Have you got problems with acne? Me too… ahha. I stumbled across a few amazing anti-blemish products which are definitely worth a try!

Why I Choose Not to Wear Makeup


In this post I explain why I choose not to wear makeup

Beauty Must-Haves This Summer


 Summer is the season of fun, excitement, and of course, soaking up the sun! Beach outings and pool parties await, and you need to be prepared to look and feel your best. Check out these 10 beauty essentials you need to get your hands on this Summer :))