Photo Shoot with Studio Republic

I entered a competition on Facebook to win a free photo shoot through a company called Studio Republic back in March. I never thought I would actually win but a week or so later I received a call from one of the staff members at the studio telling me that I had been selected as one of the winners! Read all about the shoot, the studio and my experience in this post!

Top 3 Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Take a look at my favourite makeup tutorial for Halloween!

Glam Poison Ivy Makeup Tutorial

I used to have red hair so seeing this video made me want my red hair back so much 🙁

Blue Glam Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Loving this Blue Glam Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial!!

Pennywise Halloween Makeup Tutorial

There has been a ton of Pennywise Halloween Makeup Tutorials but I am really not a big fan of all the gore makeup so this is my favourite glam Pennywise makeup tutorial.

DIY All Natural Fake Blood

Halloween is here and fake blood is an essential! Why go out and spend money buying fake blood when it is so easy to make and you probably already have the ingredients. This recipe is all natural!!

Pennywise Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Pennywise the clown from the iconic movie IT is the top choice for Halloween 2017.. Check out this pennywise makeup tutorial! Quite similar to the makeup tutorial below..

Creepy Glam Clown Halloween Makeup

Check out Cosmobyhaley’s creepy glamorous clown tutorial !!

Gold Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial

I’m loving this Gold Sugar Skull look for Halloween, super easy if your not very makeup-savvy.. not sure what she’s got on her head though.

Melting Skull Halloween Makeup

There has been a few melting skull tutorials uploaded recently but this one is definitely my favourite! Check it out.

Wicked Witch Halloween Makeup

Atleeeey’s Wicked Witch Halloween Tutorial is absolutely insane! Definitely one of my favourites..

Queen of the Dead Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Check out this awesome queen of the dead Halloween makeup tutorial by Roxi, aka. Roxxsaurus.. Loving this 🙂

Favourite Makeup Artists on Youtube

Here is a compilation of some of my favourite makeup artists on YouTube. Hope you enjoy!

Makeup Artists Secrets by Kandee Johnson

Can’t get enough of Kandee Johnson right now.. Check out this video

Get Perfect Brows by Kandee Johnson

Want perfect brows? Watch this video by Kandee Johnson

Nude Lip Smokey Eye Tutorial by Kandee Johnson

Lovingg these YouTube vids by Kandee, check out this one!

Contour Like A Contouring Artist by Kandee Johnson

Watch this video by Kandee Johnson on how to contour like a contouring artist

Classic Smokey Eye Tutorial By Lisa Eldridge

Watch this amazing smokey eye tutorial by Lisa Eldridge!

5 Must-Have Makeup Brushes by MAC

Absolute must-haves by MAC!

Natural Concealer and Foundation


I have recently stumbled across an awesome website for natural and organic makeup, I have never been a fan of makeup but am surprisingly eager to try these out.