Question: You have a lot going at once, how do you cope with stress?

I cope with stress in a lot of different ways, sometimes I do really well and sometimes I don’t. I have 2 jobs at the moment, I used to have 3 jobs but I had way too much on my plate and I was neglecting my blog and my social life so something had to give, I also have a few businesses and sites that I am trying to launch. I think it would be safe to say that I have way too much on my plate. At my worst, I am constantly tired, never wanting to put any effort into anything and eating a lot to avoid dealing with anything. I have found that the first step in coping with stress is to figure out all of the possible things in your life causing you stress, you can’t cope with it without knowing what is causing it and figuring out the most appropriate ways to deal with it.

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Question: What’s your Daily Routine?

There has been multiple questions about my daily routines, my daily routine is actually pretty damn boring but you can read all about it here.