What the fudge is this?

This is the page no one reads - the page no one enjoys creating - this is the page that contains the information that no one really cares about.

This is the 'About Page'...

What is Absolutely Scattered?

Absolutely Scattered is a blog established in 2015 by Australian Author, Courtney Myers, who was 16-years-old at the time. The site went through a huge development phase up until 2018 where all the nitty-gritty details were finalised and the site started releasing regular content. 

What do you blog about?

The blog contains content and information on pretty much every topic that came to mind. Choosing one category or niche for the site was impossible so we chose them all. The content is all over the place and our strategy in publishing content has no order as such, this is why the site was named ‘Absolutely Scattered’.

What makes A.S unique?

There are never ending possibilities for Absolutely Scattered. We have no specific niche so we have the freedom to write content over all topics. This structure gives us room for growth, change and adaptation without digging ourselves a hole and creating a labyrinth. This gives A.S a flexible and innovative edge.

Australian Author, Entreprenuer, Artist and Model

About the author

Courtney was a 16-year-old high school drop out when she created Absolutely Scattered in 2015. She decided to follow her dreams of becoming a writer after her childhood years were cut short and she had to become independent at the age of 14. After 5 years of premature 'adulting', she is now approaching her 20's with multiple eBooks scheduled to be released in 2019, a fictional novel in the works and a successful blog. All of this hard work and dedication has given her over 3 years of experience as an independent author and she has never looked back...

C.Myers - Founder, Owner, CEO, Independent Author
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