14 Zero Waste Halloween Tips

Halloween is one of the hardest holidays to celebrate for those living a zero waste lifestyle.. so here are some handy tips 🙂


  • Make your own costumes out of old clothes of second hand clothes
  • Sell the homemade costumes on ebay after your done with them
  • DIY Face Paint (LINK)
  • DIY Fake Blood (LINK)

Trick or treating

  • Trick or treat close to home so you can walk to save fuel
  • Go trick or treating while avoiding using plastic, use a material bag such as a tote bag to hold the lollies you get instead. You could even get your kids to decorate the bag themselves or you could even use a pillow case.


  • Try to choose eco-friendly packaging when buying lollies such as cardboard.
  • Choose tangible items instead to cut down on the use of plastic
  • Give out homemade treats or baked goods as treats instead


  • Make your own decorations
  • Turn your Jack O Lanterns into pumpkins soup
  • Use the rind of the pumpkin as compost
  • Use the seeds of the pumpkins as bird feed or add them to mixed nuts or even eat them on their own because they are just soo good for you!
  • If your throwing a party, make you own drinks e.g. lemonade, chocolate milk etc. then put it in a glass jar, make up a spooky name, put it on a label and decorate it and viola.

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