Halloween Scary Fairy Bread

Preparation: 15 minutes / Makes: 12-24 pieces


12 Slices of fresh white bread

100g soft butter

Your choice of coloured sprinkles (You could use rainbow sprinkles because the bread itself will be Halloween themed or you could go all out and use orange, black and white sprinkles)

White chocolate writing icing



Step 1: Butter the bread and then use Halloween themed cookie cutters to cut shapes from the bread

Step 2: Spread the sprinkles onto the separate plates, lay a bread shape buttered-side-down onto one of the sprinkle plates and press gently so they stick.

Step 3: Pipe white chocolate around the edges or in any design you like. Use icing to fix the m&m eyes onto your bread.

Original Content: Grant, H., 2012. The Spooky 3D Cookbook. 1st ed. Richmond, Victoria: Hardie Grant Books.

^^^ Amazing book!! Plus it comes with 3D glasses so it is awesome for your kiddies 🙂

Original Photo: Link here NOTE: The photo contains normal fairy bread, this is not what the outcome should look like.


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