10 More Uses For Apple Cider Vinegar

  1. Add to your morning smoothie for an extra energy boost
  2. Use as an all natural facial toner to fight fine lines and wrinkles
  3. Make a DIY all purpose cleaner: Mix equal parts ACV and H2O plus a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil to make it smell nice
  4. Take a shot of it to cure hiccups
  5. Wipe onto your electrical cords to keep your pets safe from electricution
  6. DIY fruit fly trap: Put a small amount of ACV into a glass and add a drop of dish washing detergent, place this next to your fruit and voila.
  7. Fight yeast infection by soaking in a bath with 1-2 cups of ACV
  8. Whiten your teeth, remove stains and kill bacteria by gargling after brushing your teeth normally
  9. DIY liver tonic drink: ACV and sparkling water mixed together
  10. Add a splash to rice water while cooking to make rice fluffier

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