10 Awesome Cooking Hacks

  • When trying to remove an egg yolk, get an empty plastic water bottle and squeeze it while holding it on the yolk, then loosen your grip on the water bottle and, voila..
  • Don’t know if your avocado is over ripe or not? Check by simply looking at the colour under the stem, if it is yellow or green it is still good to eat, if its brown you will need to add avo to your shopping list
  • Balance a wooden spoon over a pot filled with boiling water to prevent it from boiling over
  • Use an apple cutter to make chip sized potato pieces
  • Make your own sushi rolling mat with kabob sticks and duct tape
  • Boil water before you freeze it to get crystal clear ice cubes
  • When heating up leftovers make a circle in the middle with a fork or spoon, it will heat up much more evenly.
  • Use a straw to remove the stem from a strawberry
  • When freezing mince in zip lock backs, flatten it out as much as you can to reduce thawing time
  • Whip cream by shaking it in a glass jar

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