My Everyday Essentials

Paw Paw Ointment

I loooove Paw Paw Ointment, I use it mainly to help with dry lips in the morning and at night when heading to and from work and always keep it on me just in case.


This is not the exact brand of Sunscreen I have, I actually just have a cheapo 50+ SPF one from Woolworths, I use sunscreen everyday to protect my tattoos from the sun and prevent them from fading as well as on my face as I have sensitive skin that is easily burnt.


You can’t go anywhere on the Gold Coast without a pair of sunnies!


I HATE walking in silence, I honestly can’t stand it. I have so much going on right now and so much constantly going through my head as I am always thinking about what uni assignments are due, what blog posts I have to write as well as my large caseload at work and I look forward to walking to and from work just to listen to music and take a break from everything for a while.

Coconut Oil and Baking Soda Face Wash

I am not 100% sure if you are actually supposed to use this face wash everyday – most websites say to use it every 2 days – but I try to use it every night before I go to bed as my acne is pretty bad right now.

Hair Bow

I almost always wear a white hair bow, although mine recently broke and I will need to get a new one 🙁

Budget Book

I am TERRIBLE with money, for some reason if I don’t have physical cash in my hand I spent my cash like its monopoly money – I suck at monopoly – so I found this really cute and minimalist budget book at Kmart at Australia Fair for $3 and it has really been helping me to keep track of my spending and savings.


As I said before, my life is pretty full on at the moment so a journal is an absolute necessity for me, whether I have had a great idea I want to jot down, I need to remind myself to do something or I just need to rant my journal is my go-to. I got mine from Kmart at Australia Fair for $4.


Last but certainly not least, COFFFEEEEEEE!!!!! I need coffee to function, I am the dictionary definition of a coffee addict!!

What are your everyday essentials? xo


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