The Truth About Charcoal Face Masks


I have been wanting to try out a Charcoal Face Mask for a long time now after hearing only good things on facebook and I recently found out that they have been stocking it in everyone’s favourite $2.80 store, DAISO. I bought the Charcoal Face Mask and the cleansing thing that you put on afterwards and they were both $2.80 each. I thought it was bloody fantastic at the time… but here’s the thing, when I purchased and tried this product I was not aware of all the problems that they conveniently forget to note down on the packaging.

I was fond of the idea because I had heard of pore strips that were supposed to do the same sort of thing and it’s satisfying to peel something off your face and be able to see the dirt you have just removed. What I didn’t know about the product before I purchased it was that the “Charcoal Mask” is pretty much false advertising because not only does it NOT do what it says it should do, but it actually harms your skin.

Yes, your skin may feel smooth to touch afterwards but do you really know why? The mask binds to the skin cells on the face just as glue would if applied to the face and when ripped off it takes your surface layer of skin with it. The surface layer of skin supplies natural oils that protect your skin and by removing it you are leaving your face defenseless against the bacteria and dirt that causes pimples and blackheads.

And those little things you can see on the mask after ripping it off? These are NOT black heads or the dirt clogging your pores, these are actually sebaceous filaments, which also protect the skin from harmful bacteria.

So I definitely do not recommend using this product and if you have used it recently, don’t worry, the skin on your face will replace the natural oils and sebaceous filaments you have removed within 30 days.


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