10 Ways to Reuse Shredded Paper

At work we shred so many documents and are left with bags and bags full of shredding we have just been binning, so I though why not research some ways to reuse it and make a blog post out of it! I have been wanting to turn my home into a ZERO WASTE household and then eventually I will move on to making where I work zero waste but there is a lot of change needed to implement a zero waste lifestyle so I am going to do it bit by bit and keep you guys posted of course 🙂


Packing boxes with fragile items inside is now so much easier and more environmentally friendly! Simply swap your Styrofoam Peanuts for shredded paper. If you own a business you could buy a can of spray pain and spray paint the paper with whatever colour you desire for a more aesthetically pleasing look. TIP: If you feel as if using shredded paper is too messy to pack boxes with then simply put them in zip-lock bags, heat up the blade of a knife with a lighter and cut the zip lock off the bag. You now have a cute and neat little package of shredded paper, just make sure you put a little note in or on the bags asking the recipient to recycle them!

Scent it with essential oils and make a sachet

This is a great idea! Create a little fabric pocket with old materials and add the scented shredding and voila – a cute little scented sachet to give away or use. This would even be a great little product to sell at the markets!

Make your kitty litter last longer

Put shredded paper on the bottom of your cats litter tray and put your crystals on top as normal. Doing this you wont use as many crystals each time and end up saving a fortune in kitty litter.

Arts and Craft

Add equal parts flour and water to a bowl to make glue and voila, paper mache.. then let your kiddly winks go for gold. I also saw a really cool craft idea on pinterest for around Christmas time where the kids had paper plates (which you can make out of paper mache ;)) and then glued shredded paper on multiple plates to make a snowman!

Use in garden and compost bin

You can put your shredded paper in your garden and compost bin and the little microorganisms in the soil will “eat” the paper.

Use as straw at the bottom of Easter baskets

This is similar to the “packaging” bullet point but I felt it needed a point of it’s own as I always see people buying coloured shredded paper for art projects and Easter bunny baskets at that time of year. Don’t waste your money.. use the shredding you already have and simply colour it with some spray paint

Hamster/Guinea Pig bedding

I know from experience that guinea pigs absolutely love shredded paper in their little enclosures. My guinea pigs used to make huge mountains out of the paper to burrow and hide in it.

Sensory Boxes

This is more in line with what I would be doing at work, we work with a lot of kids on the spectrum who are extremely sensory. So they would have so much fun making little sensory boxes with shredded paper. You could make mini enclosures for animals, little dioramas etc.. get creative!

Seedling Pots

Soak the shredded paper in water, then put the paper into a blender. After blending the paper you will be left with some sort of pulp, grab out some muffin trays and shape the pulp into little pots. These can be used to plant seedling and will degrade over time.

Use in rubbish bins

Put shredded paper at the bottom of your bins to absorb moisture and prevent leaking – THIS HAS BEEN A LIFESAVER MANY TIMES!

Make your own paper

Another use for shredded paper is you can actually recycle it and make more paper. The only reason I don’t like this point is because it is a very messy project, the paper is very fragile and you need a heck of a lot of shredded paper to make it.



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