Gym Essentials

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This one is pretty self explanatory, some gyms can be really lenient with their towel policies but I suggest using a towel. So many people use the equipment and machines before you and the germ build up would be disgusting. You don’t necessarily need to bring a full-sized towel with you either, a face washer or even a tea towel would do just fine. It’s a good idea to bring two towels with you as the second one comes in handy for wiping off your own sweat afterwards. 

Water Bottle

Another self explanatory item… But, every time you visit the gym it is important that you always have your water bottle handy. Staying hydrated while working out is extremely important. Although, most gyms have water fountains so don’t stress if you left it at home.

Music and Headphones

Sometimes you just won’t want to listen to the music playing at the gym – or the dude dramatically grunting and counting his reps. You own music is a must… it blocks out distractions and lets you really get in the zone and focus.

Hair Ties

When working out you will always want your hair tied up so that it doesn’t get caught in any machines. You also don’t want the oil from your hair to rub off on your already dirty and sweaty skin so keep 1 or 2 on your wrist.

Facial Cleansing WIpes

There is seriously nothing better than using a face wipe after a gym session…nothing. They’re perfect for the drive home when all your really thinking about is a shower…

Feminine Hygiene Products

You just never know, so it’s always a good idea to keep them on hand to avoid embarrassing situations. Even just one or two for emergencies can be absolute life savers 

Post Workout Snack

 Post Workout Nutrition is extremely important for any gym session. By consuming the right nutrients after your workouts, you will improve your body composition, performance and overall recovery. Read more on Post Workout Nutrition here.



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