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Top 10 Shopping Tips

1. Set a budget

Yes, as much as we all don’t want to even think about setting a budget when clothes shopping, it is ALWAYS a good idea. If I don’t set myself a budget I could spend all my money on pay day without feeling any shame 🙂

2. Pay with cash

I am known to spend way more money with my magic plastic than if I go get some cash out and leave the plastic at home,something about my debit card makes me feel like I am using monopoly money… until I get home and check my bank account then it is very real.

3. Shop alone

I find that when I shop with my girls they become my accomplices in crime and help me to spend more money than I ever would have on my own, which is why it is always a good idea to shop by yourself once in a while to save a bit of extra money.

4. Am I really going to wear this?

Too often do I buy something and it just sits in my wardrobe looking very lonely and sad because I didn’t think about what I would wear it with or where I would actually wear it..

5. Avoid speed shopping

Don’t rush shopping, even if you’re looking for something specific allow yourself time to browse and try stuff on otherwise you might find yourself buying things you don’t really want/need or even things that don’t fit properly.

6. Try on everything!

If something catches your eye try it on! Never buy something just because it looks good on the hanger, because everything looks so much different on your body than it does on the hanger.

7. Try and then shop online

If you find an item that fits you perfectly, jump online and find the store or designer and see if they have any other colours or patterns you like! This is the only way I will shop online.

8. That time of month

It’s never a good idea to go shopping when it’s that time of month for obvious reasons… You don’t want to be buying something that you don’t like or doesn’t fit because you have stained it.

9. Impulse buying

Women are more prone to impulse buying when we are emotional so try not to go shopping if you’re feeling down.

10. Picture it

Picture the item you want to buy in your wardrobe and try to pair it with at least 3 existing pieces of clothing that you own before you buy. This way you avoid getting home and having nothing to wear with it and needing to go back another time and find something to go with it.


One thought on “Top 10 Shopping Tips

  1. Yes! Asking am I really going to wear this? and picturing it are so helpful to decrease mindless spending for me. I heard a tip once that you should ask yourself “is this piece of clothing really ME or just who I WANT to be? I personally would love a sleek new pair of pumps, but as a stay at home mom, that’s not in the cards for my current life stage. I know that would just be a waste of money. Great tips, thanks for sharing!

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