New Monopoly Pieces

I am not happy with Hasbro.. they have put the future of the classic board game we all grew up with and love into the hands of the people of the internet…


The company decided to hold a public vote to ask their fans to decide on a new set of game pieces to replace the old ones for the newest edition of the Monopoly board game.

Luckily, the majority of original game pieces will live to see out the rest of this year but sadly the original boot, wheelbarrow and thimble pieces are being replaced with a penguin, rubber ducky and a Tyrannosaurus Rex 😦 Which now only leaves the original Scottish Terrier, the race car, the top hat, the battleship and the cat.

I can’t help but think this is all a big plot to release another “Classic” Monopoly board game in the future purely for nostalgic purposes and then charge more for those who aren’t on board with the new pieces..

Lucky I held on to the very first Monopoly -.-



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