Time Management

Are you finding that you have been stressed out lately? Are you feeling as if you are not getting enough done during the day? Do you procrastinate or delay things until last minute? Do you take on more than you can handle? Do you consider you lack an organised thinking pattern or get easily distracted?
No need to stress anymore! This guide to effectively managing your time will help you unwind and get shit done!

First you need to pin point your weaknesses to determine what you need to work on, take a look at the questions listed above and then answer them honestly.

Then list the tasks you need to complete and sort by urgency:
– Urgent and important
– Urgent but not important
– Important but not urgent
– Not urgent or important

List all of your goals categorised into short, medium, long-term goals, and determine whether they are both realistic and achievable by answering the following:
– What do I want and when do I want to achieve it?
– Can I achieve this goal on my own?
– Is the outcome worth everything I have put into achieving this goal?
– Do I have the knowledge, resources, time and money to achieve this goal?

Create a schedule of all the things you need to get done at appropriate times suited to you and your lifestyle. Many people find it hard to sticking to the exact times on a schedule so try breaking your day into sections and allowing a generous amount of time for each task, you could even set reminders on your phone to help you. If you have long-term tasks you’ll need to set a certain amount of time to work on the task each day or each week depending on what you need to get done.

Determine your priorities:
The tasks on your schedule should be specific, realistic and achievable, decide what you consider as priorities and reflect this onto your schedule.

Hope this helps!

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