Market Stall: What to Sell


Starting a market stall but can’t think of what to sell? I have put together a brief list of the most popular items selling at the markets 🙂

Try to have something for everyone and sell Men’s, and Women’s clothing and a good range of sizes. Make sure your products are appropriate for the current season – no one wants to buy winter clothes in summer or visa versa.

– Bags: I’ve found that tote bags, hand bags and laptop bags are most popular
– Purses/Wallets
– Shoes
– Jewellery
– Key chains
– Hair Accessories
– Hats and Beanies
– Sunglasses

– Clothing
– Toys
_ Lucky dips/lolly bags: selling things like lollies or treats are a big hit at the markets as parents frequently bring their young ones along to the market stalls and it’s a great way for the parents to keep their kids occupied while they shop, they are also obviously a big hit with the kids
– Artwork or handmade products
– 2nd hand products: From CD’s to Toasters, if it’s in good condition there is always the possibility it will be popular at the markets. People are going to the markets to grab deals on things they want or need so give it a go, a bargain bin is a good idea for nik-nak’s and EVERYONE will have a quick look in the bargain bin, just make sure everything is at irresistibly low prices.

– Bath and Beauty products: Natural products were a best seller at my stall
– Stationary: Cute notebooks, diaries, and colouring books are popular among buyers, anything that you cant go to Coles or Officeworks to buy will be a hit so have a look online for some cute products!


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