Letters to the Universe

A letter to the universe is simply where you write down your goals and desires for life in the form of a letter, just as if you were writing to a friend or family member. Even if you don’t believe in the law of attraction, writing a letter to the universe is beneficial in reminding yourself what is really important in your life and to help you focus on achieving your goals and desires.

Looking back over my letters to the universe ALL of my goals and desires have been answered! This is a perfect example of the undeniable power of the Law of Attraction!

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Think about the following:

What do you want to happen?
What do you need to happen?
When do you want it to happen?

Your letter needs to be written with real desire, writing with passion will help in releasing the vibrational energy necessary to receive what you have asked for. Make sure you show appreciation in the universe and how you are grateful for everything it has provided you.

Once you have finished your letter sign it, date it and put it somewhere special specifically for your letters to the universe so you are able to look back on these letters and see what the universe has granted you.



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