How to Start a Market Stall: Everything You Need to Know

What you need:

  1. Products to sell (Link Market Stall Tips: What to sell),
  2. Foldout table or two (Depending on size),
  3. Table cloths (For display purposes),
  4. Business signs (Optional),
  5. Price signs (Explain why price tags on each item isnt a good idea or make a post about it),
  6. Gazebo (Optional),

Before the Market

Get the word out! Let people know where you are going to be and what you will be selling whether it be on Facebook, Instagram or even Gumtree..


Presentation is everything so create unique displays, if you are using a table, try balancing out your products by positioning your products on displays set at different heights so your stall is eye catching and customers can see your products and what type of stuff your selling before they even get to your store. This ensures everything is within their sight and they aren’t made to dig around and mess up your store (Which most definitely happens – I had people picking up clothing that was folded and then just throwing it back on top of everything else)

Work on your display ahead of time to perfect it, then take some photos to make setting up easier on the day.


  1. Remember to keep stall fees in mind
  2. Making a sign that says “Prices Negotiable” or “Make an Offer” is always a good idea as people are going to barter anyway. This also will draw people to your stall as they will think they can get a good price.
  3. Always have plenty of change
  4. Informational signs for items if needed as customers tend to always avoid asking questions
  5. Be friendly! Everyone loves friendly stallholders!

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