The Law of Attraction

“What you truly believe will happen in your life is what will happen”

The Law of Attraction is based on the principle that humans create their own reality built on what we focus on and desire most and that we are in control of bringing positive as well as negative impacts into our lives. We are all made of energy which operates at different frequencies, by altering our frequencies with positive thoughts and wishes our energy vibrations will align with the universe and ultimately the law of attraction will begin to take effect by bringing your thoughts to fruition. Whether it being just how the mind works or some form of powerful connection that we may have to the universe, many people have strong beliefs in the law of attraction.

Some people write letters to the universe while others make collages containing pictures of the things they desire, but most people that utilize the law of attraction simply focus on what they desire which will then motivate them to take the required steps to achieving their goals.


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