8 Motivational Tips

  1. Create a list of goals: define your goals, then prioritise and break them down into smaller more accomplishable goals.
  2. Keep a daily to-do list: Having a written list of the tasks helps to ensure we don’t miss anything important, it is also useful to track your progress which will motivate you to achieve more.
  3. Think positively: having negative feelings towards your goals or the steps required to accomplish them makes them seem a lot less achievable. Try to maintain a positive mindset and the same goal will then seem much more manageable for you.
  4. Inspiration Board: Get a corkboard and pin up pictures and even a list of things you want to do, see, experience etc. Look at the board regularly to motivate yourself to achieve these things.
  5. Removing distractions: You can help to become more motivated simply be removing the possibility to engage in other actions.
  6. Find inspiration: if you’re trying to motivate yourself to write more content for your blog or do more study for university consider finding some pretty stationary to keep yourself interested.
  7. Build yourself on small successes: reward yourself for accomplishing something small and this may then motivate you to do more.
  8. Think about the benefits: thinking about the difficulties in reaching a certain goal or completing a specific goal can demotivate me, so try only thinking about the benefits and even consider writing them down.


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