Why I don’t wear makeup

I wore makeup for a relatively short amount of time in my younger years – loved it – I always had it on and couldn’t leave the house without feeling completely naked if I didn’t have it on. But after a while I really just couldn’t do it anymore… I had serious acne which was already a bummer and then when I would take the makeup off  I was looking at a completely different person. So when I left school I had made up my mind and I wasn’t going to wear makeup until my acne had cleared up. – I owe credit to my amazing  dad for always helping me when I would get all sad about how bad the acne was.

It didn’t take long at all to gain back my self-confidence because after a while I realised that I am who I am, nothing I do is going to change that and I shouldn’t feel as if I have to change myself or my appearance for anyone. Everyone is beautiful, not in how they look or what they say.. but just in what they are, naturally

I realised pretty damn quick that wearing makeup was changing the perception of who I was, what I look like and most importantly it was effecting how I acted – and that really annoys me more than anything looking back. It didn’t take long at all after this little ‘realisation’ I had to not care anymore about it anymore. I don’t wear makeup because I like who I am, and I think that wearing makeup for special occasions is absolutely fine because there’s going to be events – like festivals for example – where you will want splurge and feel special.
But why change who you are? You are one of a kind, and that in itself is beautiful.
I choose not to wear makeup simply because I like who I am – as a person – there is only one of me and if I want people to love and accept me I want them to accept me for the person I really am, not the person they perceive me to be.

only when you decide to be yourself will you emit true beauty.jpg

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