Why I Choose Not to Wear Makeup

I have struggled with acne ever since I was young, I was the first person in primary school to have pimples and other kids would tease me because of it. It really bothered me so I asked my mum if she would buy me makeup, instead she gave me her half used Napoleon Perdis stick foundation and showed me how to apply it properly. It transformed me into a completely different person, my face looked clear and my skin tone looked even.
I felt better about myself with makeup on, it gave me a slight confidence boost and soon after I started wearing it to school the teasing stopped. It got to the point where I preferred the way I looked with makeup on so much I would refuse to leave the house without it.
Over time, constantly wearing makeup took its toll… My acne got significantly worse, I tried washing my face each morning and night, leaving the makeup off on the weekends but nothing would help. I even went to the doctor and got acne cream and pills prescribed but still nothing changed.
I dropped out of school half way through Grade 9 and started working straight away as a receptionist so I decided I wasn’t going to wear makeup at all to try and help clear my skin. It took a while to gain back my self-confidence but once I realised that wearing makeup was changing my true appearance and therefore changing my perception of who I truly was I was able to build my confidence back up.
What I realised was that, makeup doesn’t actually give you a confidence boost, it gives you an ego boost and each day I would look in the mirror at a completely different person I was hating who I truly was and what I truly looked like more and more.
For a little while there, I gave in to societies expectations and tried to be like the girls I saw on TV and on Magazine covers. But why change who you are? You are one of a kind and if you give in to societies expectations of what defines the word “beautiful”, your true self withers away to nothing.
So to summarise, the reason I choose not to wear makeup is simply because I like who I am, there is only one of me and if I want people to love and accept me I want them to accept me for the person I really am, not the person they perceive me to be.


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