Anti-Blemish Beauty Finds

Have you got problems with acne? Me too… ahha. I stumbled across a few amazing anti-blemish products which are definitely worth a try!

spot-gel tea-tree-gel tea-tree-foam

Tea Tree Oil Washing Gel , Foam and Anti Inflammatory Spot Treatment

Gel – $6.00

Anti-acne and blackheads washing gel. Tea tree oil provides deep antibacterial cleansing, narrows pores and helps to prevent oily sheen during the day.

Foam – $10.00

Tea tree washing foam. Deeply cleanses, removes dirt and make-up helping to leave the skin fresh and moisturised.

Spot Treatment – $6.00

Anti-Inflammation Spot Treatment. Includes Salicylic Acid to Reduce Inflammation, Hide Acne And Pimple Marks And Help To Heal. (Alcohol Free)


Nose Pore Strips


Removes Blackheads and unclogs pores


Acure Pore Minimising Red Clay Facial Mask 50ml


Uses Moroccan red clay to draw impurities from within the skin with argan stem cells to hydrate.


Mukti Clarity Balm (formerly Sebogel) 30ml


Clarity Balm is a highly effective and potent organic treatment to repair spots and blemishes.


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