Planning a Christmas Party

H O H O H O....

Whether you have been given the job of organizing your work Christmas party or you are throwing one for your family and friends, this guide will help you throw an awesome Christmas party that everyone will enjoy!!


The budget is the most important part of organizing any event, if you are organizing a work Christmas party, make sure you consult your employer regarding the budget of the event. Make sure you include the cost of venue, decorations, invitations, food, presents etc.


  • If you haven’t already bought your Christmas Deco, you should look into DIY deco – you will end up saving bucket loads of money and you can use recyclable or reusable materials instead of buying more stuff that is not eco-friendly
  • You dont need to pay for invitations, online invites through email, facebook and even through a text message are sufficient  and you can make them look absolutely amazing
  • DIY or reused wrapping paper – you can pretty much make anything work will a little imagination and creativity

Guest List

First things first, you will need to draft up a guest list, write down the name of everyone you want to invite factoring in whether they have partners and children. Get it approved by your employer, friend or family member so that your able to double check you haven’t overlooked anyone. Then once you have handed/sent out the invitations and people are starting to RSVP you can start to tick off who has confirmed to get a rough idea on how many people will be coming.


It is always a good idea to keep the list handy at all times just in case you overlook someone who has already RSVP’d.


I always opt for online options when I have to send anything like a card or an invitation. There are so many cool ways you can send online cards and invites now, plus this method will ensure the recipients don’t lose or damage the invite… plus you saving some trees 🙂

However, if you want printed cards, I have always loved the beautiful invitations on and they have some templates you can customise as well! PaperLessPost’s products are absolutely amazing and it doesn’t stop at Christmas cards plus you can get them delivered straight to the recipient to cut down on the handling time.

Venue and Venue Requirements

There are a few options when it comes to venue requirements for a Christmas party, you can always go for a restaurant or pay to rent a venue but if you have an excessive amount of people attending Christmas parties, it is more cost effective to host the party at your home or workplace, if it is big enough. You will also need to decide whether the guests need to bring their own alcohol or whether you will be supplying it.


Not relevant if at a restaurant or catered venue. Ask your guest if they have any dietary requirements so you can organize the food with that in mind. You can never go wrong with a roast, but have a look online for different options if your cooking for an excess of 20 people. I always like to print out the menu and have it sitting in front of each guest or at the entrance, it is a good idea to have meat pies, cheerios and hot chips on hand just in case there are any picky children as well.


I always find that I have enough Christmas decorations from the previous year to decorate with, but go through what you have and then work out what you need. Plastic decorations are harmful to the environment and you should try to only purchase wood, glass or metal decorations. These types of decor tend to last a lot longer than the plastic ones, or you could even get creative and turn Christmas into a massive DIY Craft project and make everything yourself.


  • Make sure to start cooking before the party starts so the food will be ready shortly after the guests arrive
  • You can’t do it by yourself! Grab some girlfriends to help you in the kitchen and with decorating
  • Christmas carols area must but they can get a bit annoying and repetitive so have some recent covers of the classics on hand too. I, personally keep a playlist of the top 50-100 on hand as well because Christmas Carols drive me crazy :’D

Good Luck 🙂

Courtney x

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