10 Ways to Re-Use Plastic Bags

Ever since I found out Plastic Bags would be banned in Queensland I have been thinking about how we use plastic bags in our day to day lives. I have already come up with some alternatives…

4 Plastic Bag Alternatives

But when I started thinking about how we are going to reduce the effect plastic bags have already had on our planet, there was really only one logical answer… to reuse what is already available to us.

Throwing these plastic bags in the bin is basically defeating the point of the ban in the first place… so here are some pretty awesome ways to reuse plastic bags in our everyday lives:

1. If it hasn’t ripped, it’s perfectly fine to use at the beach to bring home wet clothes, to store dirty clothes in a bag or suitcase to separate them from clean clothes. You can even take them back to the grocery store to prevent your plastic bag collection from getting bigger!

2. Plastic bags can also be used for all types of crafts and DIY projects. You can even make “Plarn” which is yarn made out of plastic which you can use to make pretty much anything…

3. Wrap cold water bottles in a plastic bag before putting them into your purse or your kids’ school bags to avoid everything else getting wet.

4. Use them for storage – It’s almost too easy to chuck a bunch of stuff in a bag and label it with a permanent marker…

5. Put some plastic bags inside seasonal bags or boots when not in use so they keep their shape.

6. Keep a plastic bag in your purse as well as your kids’ school bags to keep electronics and paper from getting wet – I wish I had thought of this one sooner -.-

7. Keep a plastic bag in the glove box and centre console of your car – makes cleaning easy peasy.

8. If your painting and taking a quick break, use a plastic bag to wrap your paintbrushes up and keep them from drying out.

9. Store shoes in a plastic bag when you have to transport them in your bag or your kids’ school bags.

10. Keep one with you to use as a portable rubbish bin in case there isn’t one around – this is especially handy when camping or adventuring.

Some useful links for fellow Queenslanders:

The Plastic Bag Ban (QLD Gov Website)

The Container Refund Scheme (QLD Gov Website)


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